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The Costume Truck Company

Welcome to New Zealand's leading Costume Truck Hire Company, offering a 100% portable costume facility for productions, events and sets.

On set, action...

Our trucks have a 100% self sustainable system: washers, dryers, water capacity, changing rooms and everything you need to keep costume production running smoothly.

Shooting on a secluded location? On set with no space for costumes? We have the perfect solution for you.

New Zealand's Pioneer Costume Truck Hire Company

What to expect with our trucks

Check out the base layout of our trucks and learn more about what features we have.

Built for a purpose

We have a fleet of custom-built Wardrobe Vehicles which have been specially designed for the TV & film industry. Developed and manufactured in the Waikato, New Zealand and can be used anywhere nationally.

Our trucks were first established in 2019 to help aide the Wardrobe and Costume department by providing a 100% self sustained facility that can be driven to any location in New Zealand. 

Shooting a Film in a Secluded Location?

Don't let that stop you from having all the facilities you need. Talk to us about our Costume Truck Hire.

What our clients say about our Trucks

Just like to thank you for the
use of the white truck it was a great
asset to our production.

- Manu One

Thanks for letting us use “olive”
once again. We found this truck
the most “workable” truck out there,
its large and comfortable with
so many features.

- Trish

Thanks for the costume truck(s)
it made the job of the wardrobe girls so
much easier. Can we book it again?

- Hannah